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Jet Set Escape

Book your Jet Set Escape now and experience the thrill of jet skiing, the serenity of Chale Island, and the wonder of dolphin encounters. Create cherished memories by the sea - reserve your adventure today!

Book your Dive & Discover Package now for a journey beneath the waves, uncovering the rich marine life of Diani! Dive into the adventure with Ocean Tribe.

Discover the enchanting depths of the ocean with our "Seaside Escapade" package at Safari Beach Hotel. Embark on a 3-Day, 2-Night coastal adventure that immerses you in the vibrant marine life of Diani Beach.

Whale shark season in Diani generally runs from October through to March with the peak stage being January and February. However, that is not to say that there are no chances of seeing them at other times of the year. Whale Shark safaris in Diani are run during January, February, and March.

Prepare To Experience The Thrill of sport fishing with our "Fishing Expedition Package" at Safari Beach Hotel.

This 2-Day, 3-Night Adventure Offers An Unforgettable Deep-Sea Fishing Experience Along The Kenyan Coast.

Book your Windsurfing Wonderland adventure now and embark on a thrilling journey through wind and waves.

Learn to ride the sea breeze and create lasting memories by the coast. Reserve your adventure today!

Embark on the Dive & Thrill Package for an unforgettable coastal escape with Ocean Tribe. Experience the best of Diani both below and above the waterline!

Book your Pro Windsurfing Experience now and embrace the freedom of windsurfing. Ride the wind, create lasting memories, and reserve your adventure today!

Book your Fun Ride now and embrace the thrill of jet skiing around our coastal oasis. Experience the freedom of the open sea and create lasting memories by the shore. Reserve your adventure today!